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Once upon a time... There were four beautiful girls...

A Bulgarian, a French-Italian, an Irish and an English Rose. And people far and wide were spellbound by their enchanting music. All graduates of top music conservatoires, the girls were session musicians, recording artists and always entertainers.

Then one day the girls packed up their musical belongings, said goodbye to their homes and travelled to the great city of London. And they came together in the city where the streets are paved with musical gold.
A classy, sophisticated, all-girl classical and electric string quartet. Two violins, a viola and a cello. And the people from far and wide were again spellbound by the professional quartet who delivered their diverse music - from Cole Porter to Lady Gaga - with a cheeky sense of humour.

So the people came to listen and enjoy - at weddings, birthdays, business events and all manner of celebrations.

And they all played happily ever after...

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